Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chanukah Storytime & Supper

Following the success of Chanukah on Ice, families in Miami Beach
poured into the Jewish Learning Center Chabad on 41st Street on to
Monday December 19th, to participate in the Chanukah Edition of
Storytime & Supper.

With last minute reservations being emailed and texted in all day, the
JLC was buzzing with activity preparing an amazing program and a
delicious supper for all the children. Although Storytime & Supper
happens once a month with an average attendance of 50 - 60 people,
this time things were way different! With all the last minute
reservations in a crowd of 150 was expected and when it came time for
the program, more than 190 people showed up to participate!

To start the program, the children enjoyed bouncing around on the
bounce house and then when told, they came into the shul where the
kids sat by tables and were taken under the direction of Rabbi Aron
who got them all focused with the saying of a few Torah Pesukim. It
was then that the lights were dimmed and the kids were in amazement as
they listened to the story of "Matisyahu Dov Ber Chaim Tzvi and
Chanukah Night Number 3" that was projected onto the the wall and
gigantic and read by Rabbi Aron.

After enjoying the story, the kids enjoyed an amazing supper of franks
in blanks, mini shnitzels, french fries, salad and corn on the cob
that was distributed with the help of the parents and volunteers. With
the kids full from all the great food, it came time for the craft of
the day which was decorating donuts for dessert! With an assortment of
donuts filled with either jelly, chocolate, custard or just plain, the
kids enjoys painting their donuts with icing and then all different
types of sprinkles.

Before the kids continued with the bounce house or leaving to go home,
the kids got a special treat of light up chanukah necklaces, chocolate
coins and the amazing Kids magazine for Chanukah!

The saying goes 'that if there is a big mess then you know the kids
had fun' - with that being the case, they for sure had the best fun
ever and the cleanup crew had fun as well!

With Chanukah a day away, the kids were ready to go and light their
menorahs! Fun was had by all and best of all, many kids told their
parents they had to come each night of Chanukah to join in the
lighting of the JLC Menorah and the Chanukah fun and some to light
their own menorahs as well!

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Chanukah On Ice Video Recap

Chanukah on Ice in Miami Beach

This past Sunday, more than 450 members of the Miami Beach community
enjoyed an amazing pre-Chanukah event at the Scott Rakow Youth Center
& Ice Skating Rink. The program was arranged by the Capt. Hyman P.
Galbut Jewish Learning Center Chabad and was sponsored by Dr Steve
Barton in Memory of his beloved mother.

What an afternoon of fun was had by all with all the kids having fun
ice skating to Jewish music and then jumping on the fantastic bounce
houses and the many other activities. The kids enjoyed a lunch of
delicious pizza and then super delicious donuts. The ice skating rink
was buzzing with so much activity that the administration was so
amazed at how well attended the event was and said that this was the
biggest event they have had in the newly renovated youth center and
were so taken back at how respectful the kids were, how patient people
were and how involved they got with all that was going on.

The kids also enjoyed the arts and crafts tables and loved getting
their faces painted too!

The day would not have been complete without the highlight of the day,
the grand rally and kids raffle to top it off. With only 15 minutes
left until the end of the program, the kids gathered and Rabbi Aron
got the kids into the  Chanukah spirit with the saying of the Torah
Pesukim with tremendous life and on the top of their lungs too. With
the sound of the pesukim filling the air, staff around the building
came out to look and see what was going on and were amazed! It was
then raffle time and 8 kids enjoyed winning and all the kids left with
Chanukah balloons and smiles on their faces.

Many people said this was the best event they had come to in years.
The kids were so involved and captured with the spirit of Chanukah and
could not stop smiling all day. Everyone was so proud to have been
part of the event and wanted to sign up to the next program. Well,
with more than 50 pies of pizza gone, more than 200 donuts and a few
hundred water bottles too, everyone left full, happy and excited that
Chanukah was coming in just 2 days!

With the encouragement of Rabbi Aron, more than 100 people took homes
menorahs to light or to pass out to their neighbors and friends.

The event was a great success thanks to the hard work of Rabbi Aron
Rabin, Yossi Duchman and with great support from members of the
community who volunteered and made things run so well - among them was
Batya Bogomilsky, Renee Bortunk, Yitzchok Baron and others. Special
thanks to Dr Steve Barton who sponsored the event in honor of his
Mother obm (Sosha bas Heshel A"H).

Friday, March 25, 2011